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Places Prime GmbH is a limited liability company under German law, headquartered in Berlin.

Places Prime GmbH in den Heckmann-Höfen
Postal address: Oranienburger Str. 32, 10117 Berlin

Telephone:   +49 (30) 30 36 25 80

Managing Director: Dr. Joachim Köhrich

Places Prime GmbH is registered under trade register no. HRB 120872 B at the Charlottenburg county court

The Places Prime GmbH VAT ID number is:
DE266 260 345.


All rights reserved. All text, pictures, graphics, sound/video and animation files and their layout are subject to copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property. Copying, changing or use on other websites for distribution or commercial purposes is prohibited. Some PLACCES web pages may also contain material copyrighted to the providers of such material.


The information and data on these pages do not constitute assurances or warranties, be it expressly or implicit. They specifically also do not constitute tacit consent or warranty in respect of the nature, suitability for specific purposes or compliance with laws and patent rights.

PLACCES offers a platform for offers of venues, premises or other localities. The offers are placed by specific clients.

With the publication of content (such as photos, videos or descriptions), the client assures that he is the owner of all the relevant rights, especially copyrights. He shall grant PLACCES free, transferable, indefinite, spatially and materially unlimited and irrevocable rights of use of the content in any form and in all media (especially print, Internet, television, mobile telecommunication platforms). This will specifically include the right to copy, distribute and transfer as well as the right to public presentation and access and to transmission and to presentation via imaging and sound media. The client specifically agrees to PLACCES’s transfer of these usage rights to third parties. The original context of use will always remain. Should the client not own the rights to his submitted content, he shall guarantee that he has effectively obtained all the requisite rights of title, licenses, permits, approvals and the like. Should the client violate one or more of these warranties, he shall fully indemnify and hold harmless PLACCES from any liability towards third parties. PLACCES shall also, within the scope of publicly accessible content and its use, be entitled to place advertisements and/or other promotional material. The client shall expressly agree to this.

The client shall agree that his pictures and text may be moved to other columns to improve layout and that pictures may be compressed. The user agrees that PLACCES may also, to a certain extent and observing personal copyright, edit or delete his other content or translate same into other languages.

The client shall be solely responsible for his provided content (e.g. reports/pictures/videos).


Our web pages will also contain links to other Internet websites. We point out that we have no control over the layout and content of such linked websites. We can therefore also not guarantee the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of information provided on such linked websites. We hereby therefore disassociate ourselves from the content of such websites. This statement shall apply to all links on our web pages to external websites and their content.